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Clearfield-County.Com is a proud Christian company founded on January 22, 2002 by Clearfield native Wyatt Bloom.  In November 2010, good friend and Curwensville native Jason Gross joined the staff as the Promotions Director.  It is our intent to ensure that this site is a resource site for the residents, tourists, and interested businesses.  If you would like to contribute any additional or missing information to Clearfield-County.Com, correct any errors, or simply tell us how we are doing, please contact us at clfd@clearfield-county.com.

   Clearfield is a wonderful place for past, present, and future generations.  Let us treasure our home, enjoy the many facets that it holds, and promote it through the social networks, gatherings/events, and many other avenues.

Disclaimer: Clearfield-County.com, and the contents therein, is not related, in any form or fashion, to the official Clearfield County website, nor is it the intent of the owner to infringe upon any copyright, trademarks, or other legalities.  The PA & worldwide webcams are courtesy of Earthcams.com and PennDoT.

    The historical data has been compiled and composed by Wyatt Bloom from a collection of valuable resources; the Caldwell’s Atlas of Clearfield County Pennsylvania-1878 (reprints are available through the Clearfield County Historical Society), the official Clearfield County website, official Curwensville Borough website, associated wikipedia.org websites, and other resources cited in the appropriate places.  If you have any historical information that you would like to add pertaining to a town, township, the county, state park, or any other interesting items within Clearfield County, please feel free to share this information with Wyatt Bloom at clfd@clearfield-county.com.  Let’s preserve our history and heritage, not lose it.  If there are any problems or if you have any comments or suggestions, please forward them to this same address.  I appreciate your assistance and feedback.

    Most of the photos within Clearfield-County.com are contributed by Clearfield County people.

    Contests held through our Facebook page are for entertainment as well as promotional purposes (both business and to promote the county).  Rules for contests will be posted in the Discussions tabs.  Please keep in mind that all contests are for fun and not meant to be over-analyzed!

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